I had my ear wax removal here, (3 Spanish Place)

I was really nervous to get it done. However, Matthew made me feel very comfortable and he did agreat job.

I left feeling amazing!

Highly recommended.

Thanks, Matthew.

​Niyi Olopade (London)

Dear Mr Matthew 

This is to let you know how pleased I am with your service, patience and honest advice.

The hearing aid you have recommended to me (Resound) is almost like having my original hearing to 80%.

Thank you once again.

Raj Punwani (Harrow)

Hello Mr Pearson

"Thanks for giving my mother her hearing back.

It was close to a miracle! (Unitron)

Much appreciated your calm & detailed information"

Moira Petroni (USA)

The hearing aids (Oticon) are most satisfactory.

They provide much better enhancement of sounds & have a much wider frequency response than my NHS aids.

They are very good indeed for music getting high notes I haven't heard for a long time.

The gadget for the telly has been an absolute boon I can still listen to the sound as I go up the stairs! It offers better clarity.

The mic for car passengers has been a great help.

They are better in every area than my NHS devices & easier to put in & out.

The first thing I notice in the morning when I put them in is the radio is twice as loud and much clearer.

I wear them through the whole day, they have been a great success.

Sir Patrick Garland (London).

I recommend Matthew Pearson to any client who wishes to have a hearing aid test, fitting, evaluation and support/counselling.

He has excellent interpersonal skills & customer care, managerial & training skills as well as expertise in hearing aid innovations.

Jemimah (Uganda)

Dear Matthew,

Just to say how pleased I am with my new hearing aids

As you know because of the work I do I need top of the range aids. 

These new Oticon aids you have given me have taken my hearing to a new and profound level

the sound is completely natural and I experience an ease of hearing which I did not have with my previous aids.

You offer an exceptional, prompt back up service and have understood and responded to and resolved my particular hearing issues, huge thanks.

Sarah Warner (London)

"Matthew helped me hugely when purchasing my (Phonak) bi-cros.

(A special hearing system for people who are deaf in one ear)

Excellent information and customer service.

Would thoroughly recommend zone1 for any hearing products".

Tamara Goodkind. (Hertfordshire)

Matthew is very friendly and easy to get along with. 

This helps as he is able to get an idea of your situation and apply what is best for me in the case.

He also knows his providers well which is useful.


zone1hearing testimonials

"These aidschanged my fathers quality of life.

Thanks for recommending them. (Unitron)

His hearing is greatly improved"

Sylvia Nti re Dr Nicholas Deheer (Ghana).

"I got my appointment (wax removal)  at short notice and at my convenience.

Mr Pearson was both affable and reassuring.

The work was done expertly and smoothly and my hearing immediately improved markedly. Thank you, "


Bob Doran (London)

I had an acoustic neuroma operated on 25 years ago.  Unfortunately, that meant I have had no hearing from my left side since that time.

Now (since I have been fitted with my Phonak Bi-Cros aids) I can hear people if they come up behind in the street.

I got fed up of leaning in to hear people now I no longer have to!

Everything I wanted them to do they are doing!

I can hear the TV much more easily, I don't have to have the subtitles on anymore.

When I go to the club noises no longer drive me nuts!

Thank you, Matthew, for taking so much time to explain everything I'm so happy with them! 

I really love the fact they can change between their 7 programs automatically just by me putting them in.

People I have shown them to were amazed I had any hearing aids in as they couldn't see them!

Margaret Walsh London

Matthew of zone1hearing offers a highly competent hearing service.

He is a highly experienced audiologist with a comprehensive expertise in state of the art hearing solutions.

Highly recommended.

​Prof Paul Lister (London)

"Matt was brilliant, professional and very genuine.

His personality was very inviting and didn't make me think twice about the service zone1hearing.

I truly think he should be appreciated due to how perfect his skills were and how enthusiastic he was about his job.

You could tell that he wanted to help my Auntie in getting her hearing better (Phonak) and I admire his hard work.

Excellent person, excellent service. Well done"! 

Lucia Nechifor (Aunt from Romania)

Matthew did a good job.

He was able to assessmy hearing needs.

I had Phonak hearing aids before which were 15 years old.

We got something similar but a more up to date version.

The aids fit really well and do a good job much better than the old ones

Thanks, Matthew.

Fraser (New Zealand).