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zone1hearing in Mayfair

zone1hearing Phonak Oticon Widex Unitron Hypersound Audio

We do things a little bit differently at zone1hearing. Although a lot of National firms have phased out home visits we are happy to complement our branch-based operation with domiciliary services.

Over the years we have seen that rather than being the whole solution hearing instruments are typically part of a wider package which could include a telephone system to wirelessly transmit the phone signal to the hearing instruments.

Also, you may have experienced with the more modern large screen flat TV's what we have gained in screen real estate we have sacrificed in sound quality! As a result hearing aids alone may not be enough to fully restore the enjoyment of TV viewing to the hearing impaired individual TV streamers or special speaker systems such as Hypersound Audio may be required.

A lot of the larger hearing instrument providers are simply unable to offer the tailored service required to allow their patients to enjoy the full potential their hearing system can offer.