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Unitron Phonak Oticon Widex Hypersound Audio in Mayfair

Matthew has provided expert care of my hearing aids & ears for longer than I care to remember. I cannot recommend him highly enough!  

-Solly London.


We test/demonstrate/fit hearing aids & accessories, colour code receiver wires to your skin tone & more!

zone1hearing phonak oticon widex hypersound audio

​zone1hearing in Mayfair

phonak oticon widex hypersound audio unitron in mayfair

Hypersound 500P

We offer an exclusive, premium hearing care service & as independent providers are not tied to any single manufacturer.


We have curated a list of what we believe are the finest hearing instruments & accessories available today!

  • Full Hearing Consultations Inc:
  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Quick Sin Speech Testing
  • Hearing Loss Simulation
  • Hearing Instrument demonstrations
  • Hearing instrument simulations
  • Tinnitus evaluations

Our hugely experienced & respected Director & and Hearing Aid Audiologist Matthew Pearson has had the priviledge of serving patients in & around Central London for over eleven years.

Call Us: 02037948429


hearing aid center

hearing doctor

offers help with tinnitus (ringing in the ears

The Oticon Opn. The Worlds First internet connected hearing instruments now available in three quality levels.



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